Sp Stud & Yearling Cubes, 20kg


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- Energy dense, highly digestible cube suitable for broodmares, stallions, foals from 6 months of age and yearling prep. 

- Highly digestible fibre and a controlled level of starch supports gut health and promotes calm behaviour. 

- Contains quality protein, including an optimal balance of lysine, methionine and threonine, to support the development of muscle tone and topline. 

- High in vitamin E which is proven to support the transfer of passive immunity via the mare s colostrum to the foal and maximum fertility in the mare. 

- Contains a careful balance of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium to promote optimal bone health and skeletal development. 

- Includes chelated zinc, copper and manganese to promote maximum absorption. 

- Contains a high level of added vitamin C to support the respiratory and immune system. 

- With added live yeast to support hindgut health, optimum digestion and nutrient absorption. 


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